Customized 7 to 12 Day Spiritual and Health Immersion for Addictions, Trauma, and Health Issues

We are dedicated to personalized individual and intimate small group ceremonies. 

LYOS founder and lead Sherpa (facilitator) trained with Global Nurture Project (Iboga Therapy Foundation) continues his studies with Darin McBratney, other GNP facilitators, trauma professionals, and spiritual guides. LYOS serves those who are sick and suffering from physical disease, mental health issues, abuse, addiction, trauma, veterans, and anyone experiencing confusion about self, life, god, and connection to nature.

Welcome to an Iboga healing journey – to the root of your healing. Iboga and your willingness to change – to trust nature and yourself can bring lasting changes, heal ailments, resolve trauma, and help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Optimal Health protocols developed at the Global Nurture Project are personalized to each individual. LYOS has added a few modalities to the GNP Protocol while the base of McBratney’s program, which has served almost 3,000 people, remains unchanged.

LYOS recognizes that many of us require a new template for life that enables us to feel joyous, happy, and free. This template is a spiritual awakening that gives us hope for a new way of living. By engaging in a holistic approach involving both science and spirituality, we support our clients in deepening their mind-body-spirit-nature connection. Our facilitators and practitioners are survivors recovering from life-altering disease, dysfunction, mental and or physical health issues, violence, addiction, trauma, and or suffering.

We hold space for those seeking a way of life worth living. We gather to share, heal, and support each other. We share experiences living through disease, pain, mental and physical health issues, trauma, abuse, addiction, and war. Our protocol is action based with pre-work and aftercare built into every client’s immersion with us. Our intention is to help you understand what you need and to provide you with the tools to access and optimize your personal healing process before, during, and after a spiritual ceremony with the magical Iboga shrub.

Ceremony Space: Most of our ceremonies take place in the stunning mountains of Chirripo and the Diamanté Valley although, we offer other options as well.

Dates Available Upon Request: Protocol specifics are based on your intake and assessments. We build a plan and align you with the right practitioners based on your specific needs. All ceremonies are guides by LYOS founder Kevin who is a recovering addict, trauma survivor, and a healer / alchemist of disease and dysfunction. Our co-facilitators and service workers range in gender, age, training, and spiritual practice. All ceremonies are gender balanced (with regards to facilitators) to ensure that participants feel safe to communicate their needs and to be cared for and supported.

Pricing: While our lessons from 12-step programs are freely passed along just as others have passed to us, the protocols we developed in conjunction with the 12 steps are woven into the paid service package. Additionally, we work on a sliding scale for trauma, abuse, addiction clients, and veterans. We ask clients to honestly share their income and financial needs so we can build a package that best supports them, their conditions, and their finances. As a non-profit, our intention is to service clients with the most cost-efficient, high-quality, service that they can financially manage.

PS: If you are reading this and remotely sense that you may be an addict, go to a 12-step meeting. It is free; I charge for my services. You can also check out my other organization designed to work with addicts –

All-Inclusive Retreats Can Include:

  • A Spiritual Reading
  • Trauma, Addiction and / or Health Assessment
  • 2-3 Iboga Ceremonies and Micro-Dosing Support
  • Pre-Care plan and action steps (based upon your spiritual reading, intake, and Trauma, Addiction, and / or Health Assessment)
  • Integration Post-Ceremony plan and actions (based upon your needs and ceremony experience)
  • SOMATIC Body Work throughout immersion protocol
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrogen Therapy
  • Phyto Nutrient Wellness Kit
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Couples Therapy with a Trained Specialist
  • Individual Therapy with medicine informed and trained therapist
  • Recovery Coaching and 12-Step Introduction and Support
  • Customized diet and food medicine (phytonutrient) plan specific to your needs (based on intake and assessment) with supporting phytonutrients to help stabilize and regulate the body
  • Prayer rituals and practices shared through our facilitators
  • Movement and nature based therapy
  • Referrals, introductions, and a setup with appropriate pre and post-ceremony information, resources, therapists, health practitioners
  • An opportunity to extend your stay and be embedded within a creative, movement based community in your retreat location. We introduce you to the community so you can play, integrate, and nurture your experience in a stable and healthy community
  • Though our protocol has consistent phases for each client, the modalities, resources, and cost are specific to your needs


While LYOS’s private farm and center in San Jose de Rivas are under development, we currently operate through a trusted network of private spaces. Our primary location is in Canaan, near Chirripo National Park. This space offers privacy, stunning Chirripo River access, a food forest, sacred fire, and more.

Retreat Prices : varies based on need from approx $1,500-$7,000.

The price range is based on client needs, financial abilities, modalities, length of stay, and other considerations specific to your needs and situation.

As a not-for-profit, we share our services at a cost-model. For clients that can afford full cost services, we ask that you support those with less resources by paying full cost. Your full cost payment, allows us to offer sliding scale payments to those in need.

For those dealing with addiction, trauma and veterans of war (that are in financial need), please contact us for a sliding scale. We are committed to helping you access the most cost-effective, high-quality, ceremonial and therapeutic experience you can financially manage. We invite you to honestly share your income and financial needs so we can design a protocol that best supports your needs, conditions, and finances.

Iboga Intake Form

If you would like to attend an iboga retreat in Costa Rica, please fill the entire Iboga Intake form and somebody will contact you to arrange a consultation.

Iboga intake preparation guide

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    Disclaimer Please keep in mind, I/we are not doctors or medical professionals. We are a distributed international spiritual congregation focused on healing and spiritual development. Our spiritual literature nor our retreats are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. We do not represent or warrant that any particular service is safe, appropriate or effective for you. If you have any health or mental health concerns we suggest consulting a qualified healthcare professional.