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OPTIMAL HEALTH RETREATS links you to the most amazing all inclusive Iboga retreats happening worldwide. Heal in beautiful venues surrounded by qualified facilitators and shamans. Connecting you to optimal health.

All Iboga retreats listed below include their own timetable and activities, and plant medicine healing journey. ​

Schedules include healing sessions, activies and Iboga ceremonies.

Global Nurture Project Retreat Costa Rica

5 Nights All Inclusive Iboga Retreat

at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara

Global Nurture Project Addiction Retreat Mexico City

5 Nights All Inclusive Iboga Retreat

Global Nurture Project


Two Days Iboga Ceremony


Why Global Nurture Project ? 

iboga fire ceremony

Our goal is to nourish the body. mind and soul in a non-invasive way. We consider your intentions and motivations as we will co-organize your program with them. We provide everything you need to heal and grow while gently guiding you through the process.

When coming to an Iboga retreat in Costa Rica, our clients will get the opportunity to nurture themselves. With gourmet organic healthy meals, luscious nature, healing services, relaxation time and most importantly, fun. When the main team travel abroad to meet you in your own environment, they work with you to set up the greatest supportive space possible. So you can get the best out of your experience.


Our vision is to create a space for people to experience the amazing benefits of guided natural medicines and modalities. What we mean by guided is that we encourage you to co-create your own path to new levels of vitality and health.

Through the use of various healing modalities, herbs, plant medicines, holistic counselors, and health coaches from an integrative approach, we offer you many tools to create your own program, while having skilled people guiding you as needed . There is no guessing involved in what we do. 

We allow your body to tell us what it wants through our unique kinesiology-related method. All the while teaching you how to listen to your body’s language and how it tells you what it needs. This is where we help you begin to create a new way of communicating with your body.

spiritual healingUsing customized methods, we can narrow it down to what would increase your life-force energy in terms of water intake, nutrition, supplements, exercises or activities, healing modalities and environmental amenities.

Prevention of discomfort, symptoms or disease of course is ideal. However most of us tend to listen after the fact. This is simply human nature.

The old attitude of “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” might apply in some cases, however where your body is concerned, it doesn’t.

Your body operates automatically on a subconscious level. We don’t think about the heart, kidneys or liver functioning.

The body sends us a signal for some time before our conscious mind finally “feels” or “gets the memo” that we might need to investigate or pay attention. There is no mystery in what your body is attempting to communicate to you.

When your body is experiencing an acute (recent) or chronic (long term) imbalance, your process can be compared to constructing a good solid home. Having a good foundation is key and our goal. We want to empower you to participate in the building of this foundation by giving you the tools and knowledge to do so on your own with assurance.

This fundamental structure is built by using the protocols of the various organic sciences thereby allowing the body to begin to repair itself. This process is to us as individual as your thumbprint. In other words two people might have the same diagnosed illness but might require completely different optimal health protocols.

We want our clients to be confident in their ability to stay well. Once it is time for you to get back home or keep walking your path by your own, we provide you with many tools to help you keep maintain your wellness; including healthy recipes plenty of affirmations, follow up recommendations, suggested exercises or environnemental nurtures, modalities of healing, healers and supplements.

Wondering how to prepare yourself for Iboga ? 

Read the Iboga Intake Preparation Guide