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My prostate is healed.  I’m sure you’re not surprised.  I’ve had this issue for years and have been working with a Naturopathic doctor, with no results.  I’ve been living with a feeling of needing to pee and then not being able to very well (low flow).  So when I’d travel in the car or go on a plane, I’d have to make several stops or get up during the flight a few times.  The first evening, the medicine grabbed my prostate and I had the most intense, difficult time ever.  It was over the top, feeling a nearly constant need to pee.  It was frustrating because the experience kept being interrupted by my need pee.  The next day it was all gone.  I haven’t had a problem since. I traveled home, driving for 7 hours with no problem.  I flew to VA the next day.  1 hour flight – nothing.  2.5 hours flight – no problem.  Didn’t feel any need to pee.  Never got up even once.  The flow is good.  It’s amazing.

Besides the physical healing, I’ve been processing my deepest emotional issues.  It’s been intense.  Lots of emotional release and grieving.  Lots of changes happening as a result.  But it’s clearing and I believe I’m coming through with a new way of being.

With that said, I’m also interested in bringing groups to your location.  I’m wondering if you welcome that and how that might look.  I know Veronica is also doing that, and she seems to want to do it on her own.  I’m not wanting to compete with that.  Just wanting to do it too.  Also wondering if you travel to locations, like Phoenix, and what that might look like.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of Love to you,

Nick Simpson

San Diego, USA

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy I was to come to Costa Rica and meet you all. Your unique style in leading your iboga retreats is really one of a kind.  Really nothing like it and the entire experience was transformational for me and for my marriage, so thank you! I was really impressed with how different the Iboga plant was compared to the isolated version in Ibogaine and the unique benefits it provides. I am 100% sold on its miraculous properties and benefits both mentally, physically and spiritually. Funnily enough, I did not have a total mind blowing experience while on the medicine at all, I mean, it was not nearly as intense as my last ceremony as there were practically NO images or fancy hallucinations what so ever, and as you witnessed I laid there for roughly10 hours in total frustration and anticipation for it to even take effect. Alas what I finally received was massive amounts of purging and feeling weak and lifeless for an entire day or two, that’s pretty much it –yet slowly thereafter I felt this regeneration in my cells and the benefits of this alien like plant take hold and lessen the strong holds of years of frustration and self inflicted misery. It is truly a miraculous remedy that more and more people should have safe access to.

 You are one special individual and I want to do whatever I can to promote the Global Natura Project and collaborate with you in future works. Once I return to Greece in March I will begin construction of a small Green house and study a way to cultivate the seeds and plants to be grown in our mediterranean climate. I feel the preservation in preserving this miraculous medicine is paramount as more and more people should have access to it. 

Keep me posted on your travel plans and we will be expecting you and your lovely Meditation companion!

When u are able let me know how to get some microdosing capsules for Enrico as he really would like to start on one capsule a day for his various health issues. He was very sad he could not join in on the ceremony and expressed how he really would like to do a ceremony. Perhaps the microdosing will be just as effective for him long term

All of our love and thanks,

Kate and Eric Wilson

Ottawa, Canada

 I came to the Global Nurture Project retreat struggling with long-time depression and anxiety. The day of the ceremony, the team made sure I felt safe and provided me everything I needed. 

That night, I understood my perception of the world and what led me to that point.  I was seeing life as a jar where every action is black or white, I would feel guilty for living. Iboga made me understand where all these barriers came from and how that was holding me from being fully myself.

I know now at the deepest that I created the barriers that were holding me, they were my own limiting beliefs. But hopefully, I understood how to let go. I felt all these barriers falling down all at once as if something inside me was making peace, all the broken pieces of myself becoming all one again.

When I woke up,  it seemed like I had been through all the issues,  some of them, I didn’t even realise and got all the knowledge I needed to welcome life in a new way.  I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.

I send you blessings and light  

Elisa Ganet

Paris, France

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